Hi! I'm Ella Stína!

I am a trained business engineer and have a master's degree in human resource management. I have always had an interest and passion for healthy food and everything related to a healthy lifestyle.

Since 2018 I have been vegan. Then I found out that there was a need for a variety of vegan food products without additives or added sugar. Thus began my adventure in early 2021 to launch a vegan buffet that was nutritious, tasty, free of additives and easy to cook. The wheels then started turning and then two other products were soon added; Mushroom Wellington at the end of 2021 and autumn 2022 Mushroom Black bean buff . For Christmas 2022 added; Wild mushroom sauce , Asparagus soup , Date cake & Caramel sauce. March 2023 came Vegetable steak . In August 2023, Carrot Cake will arrive. More products are in development and will soon be on the market.