- 1 package of tortilla pancakes

    - 1 bag of vegan mince of your choice

    - 1 bag of taco seasoning

    - 1 jar of salsa sauce

    - 1 can of sour cream from Oatly

    - 1 can of yellow beans

    - 1 bag of vegan cheese

    - 1 bag of nachos snacks

    - 1/3 cucumber

    - 1 Mango

    A handful of lamb's lettuce



    Fry the mince according to the instructions on the package and season. Finely chop the vegetables and set aside. Mix salsa sauce and sour cream in a bowl.

    Place a pancake in an ovenproof dish. Put some sauce, minced meat, cheese, yellow beans on a pancake. Place a pancake on top and repeat. Finish buttering the top pancake and spread some cheese over it. Cook for 10 minutes or until pancakes start to brown.

    Leave for a while, spread lettuce, cucumbers, avocado, mango and nachos.

    Good luck to you