- Mixed salad from Hollt og Gott

    - 1 to 2 pcs Carrots

    - Red cabbage

    - 1/4 red onion

    - Icelandic tomato

    - 1/2 orange

    - A small cucumber cut into pieces

    Tahini dressing

    - 1 tbsp light tahini from Sollu

    - 1/2 dl soy sauce (gluten-free)

    - 2 cloves of garlic

    - 3 cm ginger (keep the skin on)

    Mix in a mixer and salt to taste



    The buff is heated in the oven at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes and turn it once. When it has taken on a good color, it is ready. I like to let it cool a bit on the counter before eating it with the salad and Tahini dressing.

    Good luck to you