• Highly recommend a pizza stone from Weber and grill the pizza. There is no comparison with pizzas in the oven. Of course, the pizza is always good!


    - Shake & Pizza pizza dough

    - Shake & Pizza pizza sauce

    - Vegan mince in a bag of your choice

    - Mushrooms

    - Green pepper

    - Tomatoes

    - Red onion

    - Avocado

    - Grated cheese of your choice

    - Oregano from the Spice House

    - Basil from the Spice House

    - Hot pizza seasoning from Pottagöldir

    - A little oil


    Place all the ingredients on the pizza dough except the spices. At the end put a little oil over the pizza (a little) and finally the seasoning over the pizza. Hot pizza seasoning makes the pizza a little spicy

    Good luck to you!